Butter Shortening Pie Crust

A Butter Shortening Pie Crust is the happy medium between an all butter pie crust and an all shortening crust. It has the flakiness of shortening and the flavor of butter, making it a perfect pie crust recipe.

Butter Shortening Pie Crust

There is an age old debate about using butter or shortening in a pie crust. Which is better? Which is flakier?

Honestly, it’s just about taste. I didn’t find that an all shortening crust was any flakier than an all butter crust. Maybe it was marginally, but the shortening crust lacks flavor. I often wonder if the people who say they hate pie crust are eating shortening crusts – they’re boring and one dimensional.

While all butter pie crusts are my preference, I will sometimes try to satisfy family members who swear by shortening crust. To do this I made a half and half recipe out of my favorite butter crust. The result is something that’s (a teeny bit) flakier but has the delicious, rich, and multi-dimensional flavor of butter in the crust. While I still prefer all butter, this is a nice medium between the two.

Butter Shortening Pie Crusts are the happy medium between an all butter and all shortening crust.

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  • Cold Butter – make sure your butter is rock solid cold, and use real butter (not margarine or low-fat).
  • Shortening – you can use Crisco or lard if you want
  • Ice Water – keep it cold!
  • Flour – I always use all purpose flour for my pie crusts.


  • You can do this by hand, with a pastry cutter. That’s the old school way.
  • I love using a food processor because it’s easy!
  • Don’t forget to chill it! You have to chill a crust with shortening for a long time because it’s not 100% solid at room temperature.
  • I like to roll out my crust between two sheets of wax paper and put it in the pie plate, then chill it.

Special Equipment:

  • 9” pie plates
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pastry Cutter
  • Roul’Pat or other silicone surface for rolling
  • Food Processor if you want to go that route.
  • Wax Paper to make it easier to roll out your crust without chilling first.
  • Foil or Pie Crust Shield for protecting the edges of your crust during baking.

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