Double Chocolate Banana Bread

This chocolate banana bread recipe is seriously packing the chocolate flavor! It’s super moist and those chocolate chips all over the top just make it fun to eat!

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

I made you guys some banana bread! Then I ate it all for breakfast the next day. My husband was very judgy about the whole thing.

I think the chocolate in the banana bread confused him and made him consider this a dessert.

So, seeing me stuff my face with “chocolate cake” at 8am was concerning to him, apparently. Not sure why. We’ve been married for almost 20 years. I can assure you that he’s seen worse.

Also, I don’t care how rich and chocolatey this looks right now. This is breakfast food. I will fight you on that.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

I don’t need you judging me.

Stop telling me that something that is covered in chocolate chips is a dessert.

I don’t tell you how to live your life, you don’t tell me how to live mine.

This is breakfast food and I will eat it all morning long with a big cup of coffee and I will be happy and fulfilled and that is the end of this discussion.

I mean, yeah. I realize that maybe this is a teensy bit more decadent than a traditional banana bread.

But it’s still full of fruit and fruit equals breakfast, apparently.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Also, if you’re like me, you’ll slather a thick slice of this chocolate banana bread with some creamy peanut butter and peanut butter = protein. Look at me being all healthy and making smart breakfast choices!

Ugh. Husbands.

Why are they always so judgy? I mean, he eats cookies for breakfast and I don’t say a word.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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Anyway, you guys, I don’t care what time of day you eat this chocolate banana bread, but I really hope you take the time to make it and give it a try.

It is seriously good bread.

It’s so moist (sorry about that word) and just bursting with both chocolate and banana flavor.

This one is really easy to make too.

Plus, who can resist a bread covered in chocolate chips? NOBODY.

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

This chocolate banana bread recipe is loaded with double the chocolate and tons of bananas!

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I always get comments asking about my loaf pan, so I’ll link you to it here! I have a range of colors of these pans and LOVE them.

Just note that ceramic pans can bake a little different than the traditional metal loaf pan, so you may need to adjust your bake time accordingly.

And, for those of you asking what brand cocoa powder I use, it’s Hershey’s Special Dark. I love the rich flavor it gives and I really like how intensely chocolate the bread looks when you bake with it.

So pretty and tasty, which is a win-win! 🙂

You can buy it through that link on Amazon or just grab it at your local grocery store near the rest of the cocoa powder. I love that it’s readily available.

UPDATE: I’m getting a lot of comments that your loaves are sinking in the center. I’m updating the recipe a bit to help with this. You’ll also want to be sure your bread is baked through – the time listed is a guideline – every oven is different. Be sure to check this with a tester to ensure it’s baked through.

UPDATE #2: By popular request, I turned this recipe into banana bread muffins!

Double Chocolate Banana Bread

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