Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Not quite the type of pie we’ve been obsessing over all month long, but a pie nonetheless. (How are your pie crust designs coming along?)

Let’s paint a picture. It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You hit up all the black Friday sales. You’re tired, hanging with your crew, probably still full, baking cookies, or maybe even at work? Ugh! Maybe I can help you. This pot pie answers 1 day-after-Thanksgiving question “what the heck can I do with all this leftover turkey?!”

Unless, of course, you make killer leftover Thanksgiving dinner sandwiches like Monica Geller. Moist-maker and all!

But let me sway you in the direction of pot pie. If only your screen could be scratch ‘n’ sniff!!!

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Today we’re making pot pie in a skillet. Do you have an oven-proof skillet yet? Get one! You can make crispy cornbread and fruit-studded cornmeal cake and flaky biscuits and a warm ooey gooey peanut butter cookie. And now let’s add suuuuper comforting and hearty skillet pot pie to the line-up. As cozy as flannel jammies, as convenient as online shopping. One pan and you’re all set for dinner.

It all started from my traditional pot pie recipe. From there, I cut out a few steps and slightly altered the ingredients. Your work is cut in half:

  • prepare everything in 1 pan
  • use leftover veggies and turkey or chicken
  • cover with pie crust that you have in the freezer

And here’s another time-saver: stock your fridge or freezer with pie crust NOW. The other morning, I snuck away from miss Noelle and prepared 6 pie crusts. Shaped them into discs, wrapped in plastic wrap, and stuck them in the freezer. Only took me 30 minutes. I strongly recommend always having pie crust prepared. For, you know, pie-mergencies. Obviously.

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Let’s walk through the recipe real quick. Grab your skillet, cook down some carrots + celery + garlic + onion. Add seasonings, then flour to soak up the liquid. The flour will also help thicken the pot pie filling.

Now add:

  1. chicken broth (1 can)
  2. milk
  3. veggies
  4. cooked chicken or turkey

This recipe gets rid of some extra meat and veggies you have lingering in the fridge. You’ll need the carrots + celery + onion as the base, but you can have a little fun with the extra veggies: peas, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, corn, etc. I used mushrooms + frozen peas + leftover rotisserie chicken. This is where you can use your leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Ahh the gravy gets wonderfully thick and we didn’t even use cream! ↑

Let’s get back to that pie crust. You only need 1 pie crust for the top of the pie, so half of my homemade pie crust recipe. May I suggest you use 1 disc (half of the recipe) for dark chocolate pecan pie? Then save the other half for your skillet pot pie.

Let the filling cool down for a minute, then top with pie crust. Doesn’t have to be perfect (thank goodness!!) because it will all lose its shape when cut/served anyway.

By the way, see all those beautiful chunks and swirls of butter in the pie crust below? That’s a good thing. This is an odd thing to shout at you but YOU WANT CHUNKS! YOU REALLY WANT CHUNKS! Visible chunks of butter means (1) you didn’t overwork the dough and (2) more flakes! If you overwork the dough, you’re breaking the butter down too much and will miss out on a flaky crust.

So I’m literally telling you to do less work. 🙂

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

So here it is! 1 pan and you’re done. Thank you skillet!


Or try my lightened-up creamy chicken noodle soup!

Easy Skillet Pot Pie

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